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Small Eagle Reverse


Heraldic Eagle Reverse


In 1796 the U.S. Mint produced the first quarters called Draped Bust. These first Draped Bust Quarters have a Small Eagle on the reverse. The next Draped Bust Quarters were minted in 1804 to 1807 and depict a Larger eagle with a shield in front of its chest. Many Draped Bust Quarters have weak strikes in one or more of the details. On the obverse compare star centers and hair for good details. On the reverse compare shield lines and feathers for good details. As with most early silver coins grade is not the only aspect to values, a coin with good strike details and excellent eye appeal will bring a premium to a Draped Bust Quarter Value. Key dates are 1796, 1804 Proof.

Year & Mint Mintage
1796 6,146
1804 6,738
1805 121,394
1806 206,124
1807 220,643