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Classic Head Large cents for the most part have poor strike and sharpness. Quality copper was hard to come by in the years around 1812 because of the war. Compare similar graded coins to find the better struck examples. On the obverse, look for sharpness in the dentils of the rim and the star centers. On the reverse, look for sharpness in the wreath leaves. It is not unusual to have porous surfaces. Mint State coins are rare. Good detail should by a priority. Good strike details can be more sought after than weakly struck coins of higher grade. Key Date of the Classic Head Large Cents is the 1811 Last 1 over 0.

Year & Mint Mintage
1808 1,007,000
1809 222,867
1810 1,458,500
1811 218,025
1812 1,075,500
1813 418,000
1814 357,830